A kultúra szerepe az európai integrációban nemzetközi konferencia Michał Herer - Lengyelország EUNIC Budapest

2008. szeptember 16. (kedd), 12.00 — szeptember 19. (péntek), 1.00

1088 Budapest, Pollack Mihály tér 3.

A kultúra szerepe az európai integrációban
nemzetközi konferencia
(angol nyelven)

2008. szeptember 16-18

Andrássy Gyula Egyetem, Budapest
1088 Budapest, Pollack Mihály tér 3.

EUNIC Budapest
Faculty for Central European Studies at the Andrássy Universitat Budapest

Michał Herer (PL)
Heidemarie Uhl (A)
Lisanne Wilken (DEN)
Eeva Kesküla (EST)
Rachel Van Riel (GB)
Mario Ciatti (I)
Teresea de Sousa (POR)
Horia Roman Patapievici (RO)
Miroslav Marcelli (SK)
Ivan Krastev (BG)
Esko Ankola (FIN)
Christophe Déshouliéres (F)

From 16th to 18th of September 2008 the EUNIC-Cluster Hungary organizes in cooperation with EUROLAB Messina and the Faculty for Central European Studies at the Andrássy Universitat Budapest a conference with the title „The Role of Culture in European Inte-gration“. Following the decision of the EC to put “cultural topics on the political map” (EC resolution 16.11.2007) and following conference organized by the Slovenian EU-Presidency “A cultural agenda in European Foreign Policy” (14 -15 May 2008) the EUNIC-Cluster Hungary decided to organize a “School of Europe” in Budapest.

The idea of the “School of Europe” in Budapest is to offer a framework for a debate on the above mentioned topic which is composed by several lectures held by important national and international personalities (journalists, professors, economists, politicians etc). The participants expected are students, young researchers and young professionals from Budapest and abroad. During the conference 12 scholars will give their presentation. It is planned that each lecture will be commentated by a respondent. As the program is mainly targeted towards young scholars and students you are cordially invited to participate in the conference.



8.30 Registration

9.00 Words of Welcome Christian Schubel
Elke Atzler

Part 1

Chair: Ferenc Takács
Eötvös Lóránd University, Department of English Studies

Panel I.

Time Topic Presenter

“Sites of Holocaust - Rememberance – sites of a shared European identity”

Heidemarie Uhl (A)
10.00 Commentator: Richard Lein
10.15 Discussion
10.30 Coffee break

Our fellow Europeans?
Media representations of “other Europeans” in Danish and British media
(Communication science)

Lisanne Wilken (DEN)
11.15 Commentator: Miriam Goetz
11.30 Discussion


“Anthropology of the new Europe: academic and institutional developments” (Anthropology)

Eeva Kesküla (EST)
12.15 Commentator: Georg Kastner
12.30 Discussion
12.45 Lunch

Part 2 Chair: Georghe Mandrescu
University of Cluj - Napoca

Part 2.
Chair: Brindusa Armanca
Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest

Panel II

Time Topic Presenter

“Raphael’s Madonna del Cardellino: the conservation project” (Fine Arts)

Marco Ciatti (I)
15.30 Comentator: Tibor Szabó
15.45 Discussion
16.00 Coffee break

„Culture Industry and the Culture of Creation“ (Philosophy)

Michal Herer (PL)

16.45 Commentator: Béla Rásky
17.00 Discussion

Wednesday 17TH SEPTEMBER 2008

Part 3
Chair: Ferdinand Mayrhofer – Grünbühel
Ambassador of the Republic Austria in Hungary

Panel III.

Time Topic Presenter

„Europe as a global player: political, demographic and economic challenges“
(Political science)

Teresa de Sousa (POR)

10.15 Discussion

„Europe and the New Freedom of Speech”

Patapievici (RO)
11.15 Commentator: Gábor Halmai
11.30 Discussion
11.45 Lunch

Part 4
Chair: Andreas Oplatka
Andrássy Universität Budpaest

“What future for the EU”

Esko Antola (FIN)

14.30 – 17.00

Round Table: Miklós Hadas, Marco Ciatti, Eeva Kesküla, Lisanne Wilken, Ferenc Takács, Horia-Roman Patapievici