The Da Vinci Sound

The mysterious instrument and its history

Zwieback – food and literature

Participants: Mark Crick (GB), Bogusław Deptuła (PL), Discussion led by: Csaba Horváth

Eating, drinking, cooking in contemporary literature

Reading event with cooking and projection. With the participants of the Visegrad Lietarary Residency Program: Marie Iljašenko (CZ), Kuba Wojtaszczyk (PL), Norbert György (SK), Dániel Varró

The CEE Plate

Discussion at the Petőfi Sándor Literary Museum. Participants: Robert Maklowicz (PL), Viktor Faktor (CZ), Erik Simsik (SK). Moderator: Csaba Horváth

Birthday party of the Polish Institute in Budapest

Polish Institute in Budapest celebrates 75th anniversary of its establishment. Let's celebrate together! Wall painting, open-air concerts, DJ-show, exhibitions, dance performance, recycling workshops and many other events!

History Lessons: Freedom V.

Discussions about the times of the political transformation in 1989, the history and the characteristic of the Polish Solidarity movement. Organized by: Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Polish Institute, Budapest.