"Another way" -movies from the Visegrad countries. One-year program for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the V4 in Örökmozgó Cinema.

Thursday 31 March 2011, 6:30 pm

Cinema Örökmozgó

1074 Budapeszt, Erzsébet krt. 39.

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 4 – 6th of March   -opening program



03.04               20.00  Egymásra nézve/ Another way (HU)

special guest: Károly Makk - the director of the film

03.05               18.30   Pokoj v duši / Soul at Peace (SK)

                      20.30   Karamazovi / The Karamazov Brothers (CZ)

03.06              18.30   Rewers / Reverse (PL)


03.10              18:30 Reverse (PL)

03.17              18.30 Pokoj v duši / Soul at Peace (SK)

03.24              18:30 My się wilka nie boimy / Who's Afraid of the Wolf (CZ)

03.31              18:30 Reverse (PL)



Hungarian National Film Archive, Czech Centre, Polish Institute, Slovak Institute

All films are presented in the original version with  hungarian subtitles! 

ticket prices 800 Ft


About the Polish program:

REVERSE – the best film in 2009!

The early 1950s. Sabina has recently turned 30. Her mother tries to find her a husband. Her grandmother eagerly judges potential suitors. But Sabina finds none of them interesting. Then one day she meets the charming, intelligent and incredibly handsome Bronisław. His presence will lead to a series of unexpected events that will forever change the lives of these three lonely women.
Reverse is an ironic tale with a twist; a story of the dark side of the feminine soul.



  • 34th Polish Film Festival, Gdynia - Grand Prix (Golden Lions), Best Leading Actress (Agata Buzek), Best Photography (Marcin Koszałka), Best Music (Włodzimierz Pawlik), Best Supporting Actor (Marcin Dorociński), Best Make-up (Mirosława Wojtczak, Ludmiła Krawczyk, Waldemar Pokromski), Don Quixote Award of the federation of film discussion clubs and Journalist Award, award of the organizers of Polish film festivals abroad, Multikino audience award, award of the art-house cinema network
  • 25th Warsaw Film Festival - The FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) prize for best Eastern European debut

Borys Lankosz
Born in 1973. Graduate of the Film School in Łódź. Author of acclaimed documentary films. His film Evolution won the Golden Gate Award for best documentary at the 2002 San Francisco International Film Festival and the Silver Dragon and Bronze Hobby Horse awards at the 2002 Krakow Film Festival. His short feature Alien VI won the Silver Phoenix at the 2008 Jewish Motifs International Film Festival in Warsaw. Reverse is his feature debut.

source:Official site of Polish Film Institute

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Dates and locations

  • 31 March 2011, 6:30 pm
  • 10 March 2011, 6:30 pm - Cinema Örökmozgó - 1074 Budapeszt, Erzsébet krt. 39.