EuShorts 2010


Tomek Olejarczyk, polish director will be guest of the EUShort Festival

Thursday 2 December — Sunday 5 December 2010

Toldi Cinema

Budapest, V. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38

EuShorts 2010 – Get the dose just right

Short, colourful, consuming them takes little time, but their effects remain longer. Taking in a handful could result in more varied experiences.

This is the cure prescribed by the EUShorts Short Film Festival which, similarly to the previous four years, selects and portions the best of Europe. The cocktail this year is complemented again by special ingredients, we envision emotional rollercoasters, inviting cinephiles to distinct emotional journeys in loose thematic blocks, to make us cry, laugh, stare questioning, have our mouth quiver with excitment or arch into a smile. Europe is in constantly changing, often cynical mood, sometimes it is bursting with happiness, sometimes it’s gloomy, but the only reason for mourning is that even the best pieces end in a short period of time.

Possible side effects: general oversensitivity, increased glee, pathological laughing fit following the feeling of outrage, occasional melancholy, replaced by strange, sizzling euphoria. Effects can appear simultaneously or with short differences in time. If side effect become more serious or new symptoms appear, please consult your festival organiser.

Recommended daily dosage: a total of 41 films, with 2-3 selections a day between December 2 and 5. If you are unsure about the dose, ask your cinema clerk or festival organiser. Treatment is available in Toldi mozi.


Two Polish films on the EUShorts:

Newbie – Nowa (PL)

Tomek Olejarczyk / 19’

The newbie does whatever it takes to belong to the group. But who’s attention is she really looking for?


The director of the film, Tomek Olejarczyk

Tomek Olejarczyk, polish director will be guest of the EUShort Festival


Bartek Kulas / 2010 / 7’

Morbidly lovely story about a little town’s dark secret. “La la la la La la la lieAll God’s children they all gotta die”


2 december  (Thursday) 19:00
4 december (Saturday) 18:00