Wacław Felczak


Wacław Felczak Eötvös József Collegium Budapest

Monday 29 May 2006, 8:00 pm

Eötvös Collegium

Wacław Felczak

A tablet to be inaugurated to commemorate the Polish historian Waclaw Felczak (Jagiellonian University) who had spent WWII in Budapest organizing underground contacts between Poland and the West, then imprisoned between 1948-1956 in the communist Poland. Taught at the Jagiellonian University, wrote "The History of Hungary" (1983).
Spent the 1987-88 winter semester at Eötvös Collegium in Budapest to teach Polish history, approached by Hungarian activists to give lecture on Solidarity at Bibo College; he recommends that they found a party, which eventually led to establishing the Fidesz political party.
Died 23 October 1993.