Organ Jazz Review Budapest 2019


In collaboration with Hungarian, Polish and Italian artists, not commonly seen on the Hungarian Jazz scene, InArt Foundation is proud to present the inaugural Organ Jazz Review Budapest 2019.

Thursday 7 November 2019, 7:00 pm

Budapest Jazz Club

Budapest, Hollán Ernő u. 7, 1136

This unique event will showcase the Hammond organ through sound and visual representations using a painting exhibition and a programme of music, where the Hammond organ will take central stage.

It is not common to bring a painting exhibition to one of the most prominent jazz clubs of Budapest; yet the organisers aim to experiment and unite different forms of art under one roof. Although dedicated to the Hammond organ itself the event will bring together artists, whose work is inseparable from the Hammond organ, to celebrate this special instrument and their work.

The evening will begin @ 7:00 pm with an art exhibition, from Italian painter Pietro Turco, presenting works representative of the artistic movement known as Mail Art. Pietro has been incredibly passionate about portraying the Hammond organ throughout his career in various artistic forms, mostly through combining traditional painting with digital effects. Vas Bence, Budapest-based artist, Hammond organist, bandleader and composer, will also display his art (oil on canvas) as prelude to his later musical performance. In his visual works musicality appears only through indirect references: temporary arrangement, narrative approach or repetition.

With the aim of lifting the Hammond Organ from the canvas the painting exhibition will be followed by a concert programme from two unique groups, the Gary Hammond Quartet from Poland and Organism from Hungary, performing with one of the most prominent Hammond players of Poland – Kajetan Galas.

The Gary Hammond Quartet plays its own arrangements of acid jazz and funk and their music is inspired by groups such as Medeski Martin & Wood. Organism is a Hammond organ trio from Budapest performing its own unique compositions, seeking new forms of expression through embracing the language of jazz, progressive rock and contemporary music. They have played at jazz clubs and music festivals in European cities such as Prague, Budapest, Brno, Stuttgart, Berlin, Warsaw, Kielce and Krakow. Guest musician, Kajetan Galas has collaborated with many famous musicians such as Nigel Kennedy, Peter Bernstein, Mike Stern or Henryk Miśkiewicz. He is the front man of his own band, Organ Spot and member of many other bands such as Yarosh Organ Trio and the Małgorzata Zuber Quartet.

'Organ Jazz Review Budapest 2019' is organised by the foundation InArt Alapítvány and financed by the Embassy of Poland in Budapest. The event is also supported by the scholarship awarded to Vas Bence by the foundation Wacław Felczak Alapítvány. Other partner organisations include Lengyel Intézet // Polish Institute in Budapest, Hammond Polska and Muzeum Laurensa Hammonda w Kielcach // Museum of L. Hammond in Kielce, Poland.

Organ Jazz Review Budapest 2019
7th November 2019 @Budapest Jazz Club

19:00-19:30 Opening of the exhibition
20:00-20:50 Gary Hammond Quartet
21:00- 22:00 Organism Trio + Kajetan Galas

Tickets: 2500 HUF [entrance for the exhibition is free]

Tickets can be purchased on-line:
or directly at the venue: Budapest Jazz Club, Hollán Ernő u. 7, 1136, Budapest