20. Szeged IGF│International Guitar Festival


Solo concert of Mateusz Kowalski (PL) & Katarzyna Smolarek (PL)

Tuesday 9 April 2019, 7:00 pm

Lengyel Intézet

1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 15.

Szeged IGF is a multi-venue guitar amusement for open-minded individuals, bringing together the greatest players and hosting acts from all around the World. It is for curious fans of guitar in any kind of genre, like classical, world, folk and even pop-rock and astonishing combinations with other arts in three cities, Szeged Budapest and Subotica (Serbia). It is also a great networking platform for wits, competition / showcase for the best creative talents of classical guitar and masterclasses given by noted classical guitar players worldwide. What to enjoy?

 · Shows of the best classical guitarists from all over the World.

 · The concerts of the greatest artists in any kind of musical genres.

 · Exciting international competition of classical guitar.

 · Astonishing combination of various art forms.

 · Performances of many stages in more cities. Concerts take place in various venues such as concert halls, music bars, churches or your comfortable coach thanks to the live streaming.

 What to learn?

 · Interactive masterclasses for amateurs or professionals who can learn from noted musicians.

 · Useful workshops held by experts who help to learn how to build a successful career or organize a popular festival.

 We are very pleased to stage the 20th edition of Szeged IGF, hosting acts and featuring renowned musicians from around the world. On 8-14th April, 2019 joining our special featured artists Jon Gomm (UK), Adam del Monte (USA) and Tilman Hoppstock (DE) there are other leading performers, composers from Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Taiwan and eight Eurostrings Artists, young talents from different countries.

These artists will present a rich array of performances, masterclasses and lectures, highlighting the versatility of the guitar as a solo and ensemble instrument, also in different genres like classical, finger-style, flamenco, folk, singer-songwriter and even pop-rock. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Festival it will be organized not just in Szeged, but Budapest and Subotica (Serbia) too, collaborating Cultural Institutes, Embassies and music clubs.

Katarzyna Smolarek

Katarzyna Smolarek is a Polish guitarist born in 1995. She started playing the guitar at the age of 8. She was studying classical guitar in Polish music schools with professor Lidia Przyłęcka and professor Ryszard Bałauszko. In 2015 she started her bachelor degree at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg with professor Marco Diaz-Tamayo.

She was awarded over 20 prizes at national and international competitions

Mateusz Kowalski

Mateusz Kowalski is a classical guitarist born in 1995 in Koszalin, Poland. He has recently received international acclaim after winning several international competitions, including: 1st prize in the International Guitar Festival RUST, Austria (2018), 1st prize in the Joaquin Rodrigo International Guitar Competition in Olsztyn, Poland (2018) 1st prize in the XIX International Guitar Competition in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland (2018), 1st prize + audience prize in the XVIII International Guitar Competition in Anthony, Paris, France (2017).

Mateusz started playing the guitar at the age of 7 in Koszalin School of Music under Dariusz Schmidt. In 2014 he began his studies at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music. He finished his bachelor exam with the highest grade possible. At the time, he attends the second year of a master’s degree course at the FCUM in the class of Ryszard Bałauszko. Mateusz gave concerts in Spain, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and many others. Furthermore, he has recorded his debut CD in 2018 with the Polish label CDaccord, distributed by NAXOS. He is a member of EuroStrings Artist programme for 2018/19 season. He is also a scholarship winner of the polish KFnRD and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage programme „Young Poland”. He took part in numerous guitar courses and masterclasses, including lessons with Sergio Assad, Alvaro Pierri, Zoran Dukic.