This is my Warsaw


Wednesday 12 September, 7:00 pm — Friday 28 September 2018

Platán Galéria

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út. 32.

●●●●● Bencsik Ádám A.K.A. Ponza, rapper, slam poetry artist represents Tomasz Maniewski's exhibition entitled "This is my Warsaw" on 12th September at 19.00 p.m. in Platán Gallery ●●●●●

In Platán Gallery's new exhibition Ponza reflects on Maniewski's paintings with the help of music and literature. In the center of their art there stands the city and its inhabitants. The different urban scenes are being examined and processed from the two artists' different point of views. The boundaries of each mediums of art are being blurred: special connection points are displayed for painting, literature and music. 
Whichever city we live in, we are driven by our daily concerns: stop – bus – metro – our house. Nevertheless, we only need to slow down for a moment and we can witness interesting scenes and conversations. Behind the city noise we can hear moving stories while we walking on the street. If we pay attention to it, we can join to a new world that is completely different form our own. It is not possible to forget about the vagrants, beggars and homeless people. The small coins fall into plastic bottles, the street musicians are playing; the empty drink cans are rolling away and they would quickly land in the nylon bag. Two worlds meet each other: people who live in the city and the others who are free in their own way by living on the streets. They are the heroes of our show. Abruptly captured scenes, accidentally heard conversations, dialogue fragments falling aimlessly... Everyday situations, or, on the contrary, extraordinary events that exclude us form our daily routines – all of this give us the opportunity to look at our city from a slightly different point of view. As a result, we can think about our home and our life from a new perspective. You can see the essence of the city – the essence of my city, Warsaw. (Tomasz Maniewski)
„Wherever a painter goes, he is listening. He chooses the tools of his artistic expression definitely not without ironic distancing and satirical predatory tendency (...) Expressive brush strokes, a simplified drawing, a warm color of red or the vibrant color of orange that is almost screaming, splits into the worn out colors that are hiding in the background. (...) The inscriptions on the paintings are the >>voices<< of the painter. These writings are guidelines for us: they help us to understand the pictures deeply and, at the same time, they show us the amazing literary sensibility of the painter.” Krzysztof Dziedzic, from the prologue of the catalogue of the exhibition entitled It Must be Elegant. IMPART Gallery, Wrocław, 2011 
After a lot of graffiti and skateboarding, Pozna graduated at grammar school and entered instantly to the world of underground music in Budapest in 1997: they started the Totoja club program with DJ Mango on a weekly basis on Tilos radio. The whole hip-hop scene from that time appeared in this show. From 2000, Dj Cadik took over the record players, and Ponza has remained the MC and its editor of the show until 2010. In 1998, the first track was released in which he performed, the Firma's classic entitled "Someone Like it Hot"/ "Valaki forrón szereti"). The Mozaik band's (Mango, Sabák, and Ponza) song called "Easy word" / "Laza szó" was added to the international selection of Eastside unia. In 1999 he became the first Mikrofon Party winner. He is the founder of AIU ("The Lodrs of Time" / "Az Idő urai"), and a constant contributor of the Kriminal Beats Records (Bankos, FaktorLabor, Norba). He started making music from 2002; his music was released on several other hip-hop musicians' albums, for instance Bankos' B-Oldal, S10's Pocket Rocket or Busa Pista's Gyémántfater. He is the pioneer of home-grown live hip-hop music in Hungary. He is the number one MC of the Fixi4 / Amoeba family. Since 2007, he has been an active participant and the traveling ambassador of the slam community in Budapest. By 2012, he was always standing on the podium after all the competitions. This year, co-operating with with the Grund Theater, the FoodFilmFighters program series was launched. Since then, they still has been playing it and Toldi cinema is always full. 
Tomasz Maniewski graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Warsaw. He had his degree from Prof. Halina won Chrostowska. He had more than ten individual exhibitions in Poland (Warsaw, Poznań, Zakopane, Zielona Góra, Pruszków, Wrocław, Konstancin), France and Japan. He has also participated in several group exhibitions in Poland, Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, the Vatican, Italy and Taiwan. He lives and works in Warsaw as a graphic artist and painter.

On view until 28 September