MAPS 2017 Media Art Preservation Symposium


Thursday 23 March, 9:30 am — Friday 24 March 2017

Ludwig Múzeum Budapest, IX. Komor Marcell u. 1.

MAPS 2017

Media Art Preservation Symposium

In the past years, Ludwig Museum Budapest has made a considerable effort to provide preservation and collection care for media-based artworks. “MAPS” a symposium on media conservation specifically intended for professionals was a major milestone to reach this goal in 2015. It is important to continue this event and expand the possibilities of practical and theoretical preservation in contemporary art. The exact dates of the MAPS 2017 symposium are 23-24 March 2017.
The methodology of archiving, collecting, presenting, conserving media art, as well as specialized professional training is an entirely new field for professionals working in Hungarian public collections.
The goal of Ludwig Museum Budapest is to develop and spread the importance of contemporary art, with respect to conserving for future generations. Long-term collaboration based on people-to-people contacts, participation of international conservators, curators, and professionals of Ludwig Museums are essential to fill this gap, with lectures and workshops focus on preservation of media art in practice.